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Mexicano logra la libertad, y residencia, tras pasar 5 años detenido por Migración

Su abogada logra probar errores en el caso de Luis Miguel Vera, cancelar su deportación y que le dieran su derecho a la “green card”…

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Recibe asilo tras ser violada, acuchillada y rociada con ácido en El Salvador

Estuvo detenida 14 meses en Adelanto y consiguió lo que parecía imposible. Ahora quiere trabajar y recuperar a su hijo…

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Dealing with immigration can be a stressful process. The law is constantly changing, every week, and it is hard to know where to start and what do to. Let the Law Office of Erika Roman protect your rights and offer you the legal expertise that will keep your family together. I am the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney that can make a difference.

Are you interested in a temporary working visa? Did you arrive here in America as a small child? Do you want to apply for a green card or finally become a citizen? Is there an employer that wants to sponsor you? Do you want to invest in the United States? Or is your son or daughter old enough to file a petition for you? Have you recently gotten married to a United States citizen? Are you getting ready to apply for Obama’s new Executive Action work permit? Contact Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Erika Roman Now!

If you need an attorney for immigration court, put your trust in our hands of Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Erika Roman. We specialize in all areas of immigration law. We are experienced in bond hearings and all areas of removal defense, including asylum, cancellation of removal and waivers, as well as motions to reopen and Board of Immigration and Ninth Circuit Appeals. We can also tackle your criminal cases, offering the best advice to avoid immigration consequences. We provide post conviction relief as well as expungements that will help make you eligible for immigration benefits.

We welcome you to call us day or night. When you’re ready, we’re here to help and answer all your questions. Let us take the pressure off and empower you with a strategy to win your case. A Los Angeles Immigration Attorney is waiting for your call now.

Erika Lynn Roman

Solo Practitioner
Ms. Roman has been practicing law since December 2001, representing clients before the Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Department of Homeland Security in Los Angeles, California.  Learn More


Whether you find yourself detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), or you are in removal proceedings fighting deportation


Can I get a green green if I entered illegally or overstayed my visa? How do I adjust my status?
If a family member


How do I get bond? Immigration court will issue a bond if your loved one is eligible for a bond hearing. Certain crimes will delay you getting a bond


The Law Offices of Erika Roman handles criminal law cases for our immigration clients. There is a new field that has come about called crimigation

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The Best Lawyer In Los Angeles!!

Erika Roman is amazing attorney as well as a beautiful person. She was my husband's attorney and did the impossible possible. He was about to be deported and had a very difficult case. He was held in Immigration for two years, we had two attorneys before Erika who didn't work hard to help us out. Erika was hired in the last few month and managed to gather so many important documents and so may important details that weren't even mentioned by other attorneys. All those documents helped us very much to change the judges opinion of my husband. Erika cares for her clients as an attorney and most importantly as human being. She is always available, weekends and business hours do not exist for her. She cares and loves her clients sincerely. I will always be thankful to her for giving us hope and new life. I recommend Erika to everyone and assure you will be in not just good but great hands! Thank you Erika Roman for your love, respect, support and care! Nora and Harutyun

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Erika Roman Miracle Worker

We found Erika Roman from a newspaper advertisement after our son was detained at Houston airport by ICE. He was detained on an old felony dating back to 2003 which we thought was expunged. Other attorneys we called told us to prepare for a long incarceration as he was not bondable for at lease six months. Erika, to our surprise and delight said she would have him released in one week. Exactly one week later our son came home released on his own accord, without bail or bond. Yes, he will still have to face immigration court and we are confident that Erika's professional knowledge coupled with her trial abilities will prevail. Thank you Erika. Barry

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Thank you for the excellent Job!!!

Erica Roman did an excellent job on our case of deportation.She is very intelligent, smart and knowledgeable attorney we met.We are all very appreciated for your great job.I would recommend Erica to anyone I know who has need of attorney. Trust me, You would be in good hands.

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Erika is such a professional

She took her time with me and informed me on every move that we need to do before we needed to do it and she kept her word and got me out of a uncomfortable situation that my ex wife tried to put me in. erika know the law inside out, always well prepared, and fought for me in court (case dropped) and in the immigration offices. Id like also to recommend Irving Erikas assistant, this guy is an awesome encyclopedia for law as well, super nice and straight shooter when needed. they are an A TEAM. Thank you guys for helping me out, really appreciate it. Liron

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Best Lawyer in Town

I want to thank Erika Roman for your dedication to my husband case, which it took 1 year and 4 month for him to be back with us (family and kids) with the struggle in his case but with Erika help and knowledge. Erika did a awesome job,she wad very prompt in addressing any issues . I want to give her a special thanks for the availability and answering any question i had ....thank you so much Erika Roman Juan & Veronica Duran

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