Ms. Roman is an exceptionally committed attorney

She has a great success rate and has developed positive relationships with ICE attorneys– which is a major benefit for her clients. She is one of the few immigration attorneys who can handle appellate work, post-conviction relief for criminal cases as well as immigration court matters. If my office is too busy to take a new client, I would not hesitate to send that person to Ms. Roman’s office. Scott Mcvarish, Immigration Attorney in Culver City, CA

Great experience, amazing results

Erika was my attorney and my family member’s case was extremely difficult and challenging. She was able to tackle all the problems that came our way and to resolve the case with a lot of success. She never gave up and was creative in terms of finding solutions for the problems and very prepared and knows how to win. An Immigration Client


Our brothers case was very difficult. But once we met Erika, she researched my brothers case and came up with a plan. She was able to prove to the court/judge that the charge that my brother had was not grounds for deportation. She is a very knowledgeable and trusthwirthy attorney. I would hire her if I were you. Adriana, A Immigration Client

Best attorney ever

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the services provided by Erika Roman. My brother was facing a very intricate and challenging case. Fortunately Erika was very knowledgeable and kept us well informed throughout the case. She promptly answered any questions or concerns we had. Her reassuring words gave my entire family peace of mind and Erika gave us sense of hope. Thank you Erika for your hard work, dedication and everything you did for us. Rudy, A Immigration Client

Amazing Lawyer!

I hired Erika for my dads deportation case and she did such an amazing job. She went beyond my expectations and more. She handled my dads case so well and reassured me everything will be fine. She answered all the questions i had and made sure my dad and i understood everything that was going on. She handled every problem that came up on the case and knew exactly how to deal with it. She always stayed positive and constantly worked so hard and always came prepared. Erika Roman is an excellent lawyer! Jacquelyn, A Immigration Client

knowledgeable and proffisional lawyer

I have consulted with many lawyers so far in regards to my immigration situation, and Erika was the first one to actually keep an open mind about it. She answered all of my questions and even advised me of some additional options. An Immigration Client

great lawyer!

After trying various lawyers, Erika was my best and last one I used in my immigration issues. She is very knowledgeable in this field and solved my case with 100% success. An Immigration Client

Most Ethical and Professional The Best Lawyer Ever! Highly Recommended!

Erika Roman is such an amazing lawyer, she helped my family with my brother’s immigration case.She always kept positive and gave us the confidence that everything will resolve in our favor. And sure it did! Thanks to Erika and her well known knowledge on this field. My brother stayed in the U.S. We can continue to be the united family that we always have been. My family and I highly recommend Erika being such a great person and very professional. We are so grateful to had her as our lawyer.She is the best!!!! Mariela, A Immigration Client

I endorse this lawyer

I have personally known Erika and observed her in a professional context for over 10 years. She truly fights for her clients and has the ability to get results in difficult situations where other attorneys would flounder. She doesn’t take no for an answer and she knows what it takes to win. Unlike many attorneys, Erika does not rest on her laurels but works to earn her fee, and she has the knowledge and resources to get the best results possible for her clients using all the tools in her arsenal. Laura Brumer, Real Estate Attorney in San Diego, CA

Wonderful Immigration Attorney!

We worked with Erika for approximately a year on the immigration case for the father of my children. She worked hard, was very knowledgeable and never gave up on his case. She always kept us informed and worked with us and made us feel comfortable. She was successful in our case and made our family especially all his children very happy and we cant thank her enough. She is truly an amazing woman and wonderful attorney. We will be forever grateful for all she has done to help us. Thelma, A Grateful Mother

She truly cares. i recommend her for sure!

I hired attorney Roman when all the other attorney’s told me that my husband had no forms of relief and no way of getting bond. We were desperate because I was pregnant at this time and under lots of stress, but Erika assured us that my husband would be able to come home. She’s very clear on what she needs and clarifies everything that’s going on. I could tell she really cared about not only my husband’s well being but that of my family. My husband came out with a reasonable bond amount when everyone else told us it was impossible. Thank you Erika I would recommend you to anybody. Oscar, an Immigration client

Excellent Lawyer

Erika Roman is grace under fire. She told my husband and me exactly what she needed from us. From there, she gave it her all. She was able to complete what no other attorney even dreamed to attempt. She was our 3rd attorney and the first one I felt that gave us solid down to earth advice. She gets the 5 star plus from us. Ariane, a Immigration client

Erika Gets It Done

I was looking for immigration attorney to help me with my citizenship application. I contacted a few attorneys, through friends who knew them but I was turned down by all of them as they claimed my case was too complicated, and there was no way they can help me get my citizenship. I found Erika through a newspaper ad. My family and I contacted her and immediately felt she is professional and trustworthy. She took my case and helped me through all the obstacles. In January I had my interview. During the interview she fought for me like a lioness, and got me through it with success. Today I am holding an American Passport , only thanks to her. Yohevet, A Brand New United States Citizen

excellent job!!!

Erika was incredibly supportive, informative and honest in all dealings. She showed consideration in all matters and had great communication throughout my dealings with her. I was in the US under tourist Visa. Erika helped me get my proper documents to my work permit, Social Security and also got my green card. She is very well connected, very efficient and professional; Erika takes the time to explain everything from start to finish. I highly recommend Erika for all of your immigration needs. She gets the job done. Offir Gabay

An attorney that goes “above and beyond” the call of duty!

My husband and I have been working with Erika for almost a year now. Erika has been handling our immigration case, and recently drove out of her way to help us with several traffic misdeamenor charges. She always says she will go above and beyond, and she does! Erika is very knowlegeable and truly cares (an excellent quality in an attorney). We will continue to work with her until our case is resolved and my husband receives his green card (sorry Erika, you are stuck with us for another year! HAHA) We greatly appreciate her and highly recommend her. Erika was very helpful she was able to get my husband released on bond. she always kept in contact with me was very patient with all the questions I had made us feel real comfortable. i would 100% recommend Erika Roman. Happy Couple

A Grateful Sister

My brother who was detained in Adelanto Detention Center and was referred to Erika Roman. I have to say that calling her was the best decision my parents and I could of done. Just by explaining to her my brother’s situation over the phone, she took my stress a way . It amazes me of how such complicated case got handled in such a great matter. Erika always replied to my message and answered my calls in timely manner, I was so touched by how she truly believed that my brother’s case was going to be good, I could only continue saying amazing things about Erika. We strongly recommend Erika Roman. She is an extremely incredible Attorney and will be thankful for her dedication in my brother case. – Incredible Attorney A Grateful Sister

Ms. Roman Never Gave Up On My Son’s Case Even When The District Attorney Told Her No And Wouldn’t Negotiate But She Never Gave Up And We Succeeded

Choosing Erika to deal with our criminal and immigration cases was the right decision. She handle the case in the best way and she invest all her effort in order to win the case and to dismiss the case. She choose the right strategy even when it was complicated. We handled the case from abroad as we live in Israel and Erika made sure that the communication between as will not become a barrier. My son was facing serious charges in America and Erika was our only hope. She eventually dismissed the case. She gave us the feeling of personal care. I would definitely recommend to hire Erika A Happy Father

Attorney that will do anything for her client not alot in the world that would do anything like attorney roman would do

My name is Fernando i hired Erika in an emergency notice and all i remember that it was like 10pm and she didnt care she answered and asked me almost everything for her to know the case…my bro had gotten rrested for a dui and didint have papers he got a hold on ice wich means most likely deportation but thanks to erika we got in time to do everything that was need it fo him to get bail she didint care how bad was the case we tied callin other attorneys before her but nobody wanted to take the case but she was the only one that told us “I will do everything thats in my hands to get him out” she was very into the case always keeping us in touch with every single thing she did i mean shes a perfect attorney i have no words to describe what she did my brother got bail and now is just im always gonna thank her for everything she did i would reccomend her to anybody that has a case that no attorney wants to get shes the perfect attorney that would do anything that she can for her defenders and yes i would give her a rank of an excellent person Fernando, A Immigration Client

Highly recommended

Finding a good immigration attorney can be a very stressful process, with so much on the internet me and my wife didn’t know who to trust and where to start, it seems as if many attorneys interest is your money and not your case. I was refereed to Erika from a friend who has used her in the past, I have to say after meeting with Erika my stress was gone, Erika made sure to listen to us and answer every question we had, she was always responsive when we needed her, she guided us the right way and assured us things will get done. My wife is from the UK so we had a lot more questions and Erika made sure she answered them all. Every time I sent an email or a text to Erika I got a response with in a timely manner, she is very professional well organized and listens which is key! My wife and I recently had out interview and the process took about ten minutes, the gal at immigration said “ you guys have a great package” with that said my wife received her green card, Erika let her work do the talking, she is very confident and knows what she’s doing, I can go on and on about her, at the end of the day she made the process smooth, I would definitely recommend you give her a call. Amit, A Immigration Client

Most Ethical Attorney we met. We feel extremely lucky to have had her representation

We had an extremely difficult case. Our father is mentally ill with a criminal record. Homeland Security, better known as ICE, is cracking down on immigrants with a criminal history. They took our father with no explanation to Adelanto detention center. We researched attorneys in depth. Erika was highly recommended to us. The moment I spoke to her I felt at ease. She first researches his case before accepting. She stated that she will not take a case without believing she can win. I think that is the most morally ethical comment an Attorney can make. She is not in it for the money; she really cares and works from her heart. She worked diligently to have our father released and she won. We strongly recommend Erika. She is an extremely incredible Attorney with a high success rate. If you want results, she is the perfect Attorney. John, A Immigration Client

Erika guided my husband and myself through the process of obtaining a permanent residency after our marriage.

Erika guided my husband and myself through the process of obtaining a permanent residency after our marriage. Not knowing where to start we met with Erika on numerous occasions where she took the time to explain all the details of the process and looked at all the documents we had available. She devoted her time to suggest what else we should do. It was like she took us by the hand and lead the way 🙂 One day before the interview we met with her again even though she was sick! She is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable and caring. If you are looking for an attorney who actually cares about your case and not just your wallet and for someone who gets the job done…then you’re looking for Erika. She also came to the interview with us, that took up to 3 hours including waiting time. She never even made the slightest remark or facial expression of it taking up too much of her time. We will definitely rely on her in the future for any legal procedures we need to go through. Yasmine

Best Lawyer in Town

I want to thank Erika Roman for your dedication to my husband case, which it took 1 year and 4 month for him to be back with us (family and kids) with the struggle in his case but with Erika help and knowledge. Erika did a awesome job,she wad very prompt in addressing any issues . I want to give her a special thanks for the availability and answering any question i had ....thank you so much Erika Roman Juan & Veronica Duran

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Erika is such a professional

She took her time with me and informed me on every move that we need to do before we needed to do it and she kept her word and got me out of a uncomfortable situation that my ex wife tried to put me in. erika know the law inside out, always well prepared, and fought for me in court (case dropped) and in the immigration offices. Id like also to recommend Irving Erikas assistant, this guy is an awesome encyclopedia for law as well, super nice and straight shooter when needed. they are an A TEAM. Thank you guys for helping me out, really appreciate it. Liron

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Thank you for the excellent Job!!!

Erica Roman did an excellent job on our case of deportation.She is very intelligent, smart and knowledgeable attorney we met.We are all very appreciated for your great job.I would recommend Erica to anyone I know who has need of attorney. Trust me, You would be in good hands.

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Erika Roman Miracle Worker

We found Erika Roman from a newspaper advertisement after our son was detained at Houston airport by ICE. He was detained on an old felony dating back to 2003 which we thought was expunged. Other attorneys we called told us to prepare for a long incarceration as he was not bondable for at lease six months. Erika, to our surprise and delight said she would have him released in one week. Exactly one week later our son came home released on his own accord, without bail or bond. Yes, he will still have to face immigration court and we are confident that Erika's professional knowledge coupled with her trial abilities will prevail. Thank you Erika. Barry

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The Best Lawyer In Los Angeles!!

Erika Roman is amazing attorney as well as a beautiful person. She was my husband's attorney and did the impossible possible. He was about to be deported and had a very difficult case. He was held in Immigration for two years, we had two attorneys before Erika who didn't work hard to help us out. Erika was hired in the last few month and managed to gather so many important documents and so may important details that weren't even mentioned by other attorneys. All those documents helped us very much to change the judges opinion of my husband. Erika cares for her clients as an attorney and most importantly as human being. She is always available, weekends and business hours do not exist for her. She cares and loves her clients sincerely. I will always be thankful to her for giving us hope and new life. I recommend Erika to everyone and assure you will be in not just good but great hands! Thank you Erika Roman for your love, respect, support and care! Nora and Harutyun

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My family and I wholeheartedly recommend Erika Roman’s legal services.

My family and I wholeheartedly recommend Erika Roman’s legal services. Erika is not only very knowledgeable, professional, and accessible, but she also explains everything in an understandable manner. Even if we asked her to explain something more than once she was always willing to answer our questions. We really appreciate all of her hard work, dedication, and patience. Working with Erika made this process easier; especially because she really showed she cared about helping us and always kept us informed of any changes. From the moment we meet Erika, a little over a year ago, she truly made us feel like she cared about our case and would do anything in her power to help us. And she did. Thanks to Erika’s hard work, my brother who was wrongfully deported was paroled back to the U.S. We really don’t know how to repay her for everything she’s done for us. Our family is very aware of how difficult it was to achieve this nearly impossible feat. We are immensely grateful for the countless hours she spent with us, filing appeals, reviewing our case, going to court, working with ICE, and everything else we may never know she did. Throughout this entire process, Erika has been very honest, and positive, even when we at times felt like this process wouldn’t end happily. She’s an excellent attorney who is well connected, really cares about her clients, and works from the heart. Thanks to Erika, our family is back together! My family and I wouldn’t think twice about having Erika as an attorney again or referring friends and family to her. Chavez-Amezcua Family