Immigration Rights

Know Your Immigration Rights

Immigration Rights

Whether you find yourself detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), or you are in removal proceedings fighting deportation, or you need bond, or you are in the process of becoming a lawful permanent resident (green card holder) or you are on your journey to citizenship, know your immigration rights. There are many ways to become legal in this country. You may be able to adjust your status through family, or qualify for the Dream Act (DACA), or Temporary Protected Status (TPS), or even be eligible for a U visa if you are the victim of a crime or domestic violence through the violence against women act (VAWA).

And now you can legalize yourself even if you have been deported before, through President Obama’s new Executive Action. Simply have a United States citizen daughter or son or a daughter or son with a green card, arrived in the United States before January 2010, and have no more than two misdemeanors and you can be eligible to apply. Perhaps a family member petitioned you many years ago and the visa is now ready. Or maybe you entered here on a tourist visa and just got married. And even if you can’t get a green card right away, we can start the process to get you a Work Permit within 90 days. You have Immigration Rights.

At the Law Offices of Erika Roman, we will explore every solution to find a way to explore your immigration rights for you to stay in this country. Keeping families together is our mission. We make the process easier because we are experts in this field. The law is always changing and it’s important to choose an attorney that knows about the new case law. So much of the time it can seem like there is no a way to fix your situation and then suddenly the law changes and relief is available and exceptions can be made.

Here, at the Law Offices of Erika Roman, we take pride in taking care of you so that you can take care of your family. We go the extra mile and never give up. Offering free consultations, we answer all questions and educate you on how to succeed and to hold on, because relief is on the way!