Can I get a green card if I entered illegally or overstayed my visa?

How do I adjust my status?

If a family member filed paperwork for you before the end of April 2001, or if you had a labor certification, you may be eligible to adjust your status and become a lawful permanent resident, a green card holder. Or if you entered legally through a visitor visa or a student visa or religious visa or business visa and over-stayed the time allowed on your I-94, or came through the visa waiver program, you can still adjust your status through marriage to a United States citizen. Also, same sex marriage is now recognized by the federal government and you can get a green card this way as well. Or if you have a United States citizen child that reaches the age of 21, they can sponsor you as well.

Whether you are applying for a student visa, renewing a tourist visa or trying to qualify for a u visa, we carefully explain the requirements to make sure it is granted.

A Green card provides legal status in this country, otherwise known as legal permanent residency. Benefits include permission to live in the United States and take employment in the United States as well as being able to leave and return to the United States.

Visas provide temporary status in the United States but often times can turn into green cards.