5 Consequences of Closing of the US/Mexico Border

5 Consequences of Closing of the US/Mexico Border

For more than two years, President Donald Trump has demonstrated a knack for suggesting simple – and some even say dangerous – solutions to extremely complex issues. His latest threat is that he will close the border between the US and Mexico in order to stem the tide of immigration from Mexico and Central American. This latest proposal has drawn fire from experts and interest groups who are weighing in on how this act could be disastrous for people on both sides of the border. Here’s what they say would happen if the border was closed.

  • It would increase illegal border crossings: Closing the US would increase unemployment levels in Mexico. As most people know, economic hardship is one of the primary motivations for immigration.
  • Price surges in the US: Trump’s own Agriculture Secretary, Sonny Perdue, has said that such a move could actually cause price hikes in the US since Mexico is a large exporter of corn, pork and dairy products. Many experts also believe that closing the border would cause other crops to skyrocket in price including tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, eggplant, green beans, mangoes, melons, berries and chili peppers.
  • Border communities and Texans would take an economic hit: According the Texas Association of Business, 1 in 5 jobs are dependent on trade with Mexico. They go on to say that a shutdown would cause nothing short of a crisis for people in that state as well as people in border communities who rely on commerce between the two countries. This pinch would not just be felt among consumers it would also impact truckers and rail cars operator who transport those goods.border
  • It would impinge upon Americans’ right to move about freely: One of the greatest liberties that Americans have is the ability to move about freely throughout this country and to other parts of the world. A border closing would curtail that freedom. Moreover, some US citizens who are now in Mexico would be stuck there. For example, students in border schools and universities wouldn’t be able to get to class — or home.
  • Supply chains would be disrupted: The auto and farming industries would feel the impact of such a closing as their industries closely rely on travel between the two countries. For example, Mexico is the largest source of foreign components for U.S. manufacturers. A disruption of this sort would have long reaching effects for industries already affected by the tariffs against China the administration has already imposed.

It may be impossible to prepare for something as catastrophic as a complete border shutdown would be. Regardless of whether or not the border is closed, immigration rights in Los Angeles and throughout the country will be protected by attorneys like me. I am an immigration attorney in Ventura County who knowledge in all areas of immigration law.

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