9th Circuit Appeals

If you or a family member have been ordered to be deported by an Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals, or have had other immigration applications denied, you may have the option of appealing that decision to the Circuit Court of Appeals. If your immigration case was decided in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, or Hawaii then Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Erika Roman can file an appeal for you with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The importance of appeals with the Ninth Circuit cannot be exaggerated. The judges who make the decisions in the Ninth Circuit must obey all of the immigration officials in the states within that jurisdiction. The Ninth Circuit judges are the ones who determine whether or not you must be deported, whether or not your crimes make you ineligible for relief, and even whether or not the government has a case against you. Finally, you may be eligible to stop your deportation while your case is pending with the Ninth Circuit with the STAY they have the power to grant. This stay will allow you to remain here in the United States with your family while your case is pending. You can continue to work as well or apply for a work permit, if you do not already have one.

A Ninth Circuit Appeal, however, is extremely time sensitive. You only have 30 days after the Board of Immigration Appeals issues its decision to file an appeal with the Ninth Circuit. That is why it is critical to act quickly to preserve your rights. Finally, a Ninth Circuit Appeal is extremely nuanced and can often be very complex. Choose an attorney with knowledge and someone you can trust. It is critical to be represented by someone with extensive Ninth Circuit experience.

The Law Offices of Erika Roman have enjoyed multiple successes at the Ninth Circuit Court. They have successfully protected hundreds of clients from deportation, and have even brought people back to the United States after the court ruled that they should not have been taken outside the country. They have even had their cases selected for mediation, a less expensive way to avoid litigation in the Ninth Circuit and have your case sent back down. Trust the Law Office of Erika Roman to help you determine whether you should file a Ninth Circuit Appeal.