Criminal Law

The Law Offices of Erika Roman handles criminal law cases for our immigration clients. There is a new field that has come about called crimigation. It is important for any non-citizen to hire an attorney that understands criminal law and immigration. So whether you have a green card or not, your future is in jeopardy when you get arrested. When you take a plea, it is critical to consider immigration consequences. We never allow our clients to plead guilty unless their green cards or ability to get a green card in the future is protected. No matter how long it takes, we are patient and take our time to make sure our clients will be allowed to stay in the country. Because of our expertise in this area, we also specialize in post-conviction relief.

What is post conviction relief? This is a term that describes going back to criminal court to either withdraw a plea or to reduce a sentence. Often times immigrants or non-citizens are not advised of the consequences of their pleas or do not understand how it will affect them in immigration court. The Law Offices of Erika Roman will go back to criminal court and fight for you to stay in this country.