Immigration Bail Bond Facts and Myths

Immigration Bail Bond Facts and Myths

It can be heartbreaking when a friend or relative is detained over their immigration status especially given all that we hear and see in the media about how some detainees have actually died in custody. Thus, it becomes important to be able to sort fact from fiction when it comes to what happens when an immigrant is detained and how his/her release may be possible by posting bond. With this post I will attempt to explain some facts about the bond process and debunk some myths as well.

What is a bond?

A bond is what ICE asks for as a guarantee that the person they are temporarily releasing will appear for all hearings. When a bond is posted, you are promising that you will attend all hearings as scheduled and on time. In the case of immigration hearing – which is quite different from a regular bond hearing – you face the risk of deportation. If you miss a hearing, a warrant may be issued and you will likely be deported. In this case the bond will be forfeited.

Facts and Myths about Immigration Bonds

Myth: Aliens are relieved of their bond obligation after showing up at their first court date.

Fact: This is simply not true. A person released on an immigration bond is required to attend all subsequent immigration related proceedings.

Myth: All bonding companies are the same.

Fact: Posting a bond for an immigrant varies greatly from bond posted for a citizen. Therefore, you need someone who is knowledgeable about immigration bonds if you or a loved one has been detained. As an immigration attorney in Oxnard I have experience navigating the labyrinthine immigration system.bail bonds


Myth: Not showing up will prevent you from being deported.

Fact: The opposite may actually be true. It is never a good idea to skip a hearing for any reason. If there are special circumstances that may prevent or delay your appearance then you should discuss it with your attorney. Otherwise, you miss court hearings at your own risk.

In short, if you or a loved one has been detained you must act quickly. The immigration system is not designed to accommodate non citizens. Quite the opposite is true. It can be unfriendly and difficult to navigate without experienced counsel. So if you are asking yourself “where can I find an immigration lawyer near me,” look no further. I am Erika Roman and I am ready to listen to you.

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