Six Most Immigration Friendly Countries

Six Most Immigration Friendly Countries

Ever since President Trump has called for a shift from what currently makes the American immigration system distinct from that of other countries in the world – namely its inclusiveness – people have wondered if America is still the shining beacon of freedom that it was once reputed to be. Sure, every sovereign nation must exert some controls over who enters and leaves its borders, but it should do so in a humane and fair way that preserves human dignity and protects human life. To that end, it’s interesting to look at how some countries’ immigration policies may be even more enlightened when compared to the melting pot.

  • Canada: Canada has long been known as one of the most immigrant friendly countries in the world. Additionally, this northern neighbor has a healthcare system that serves its citizens much better than our does.
  • Australia: This country has a high standard of education and a very relaxed immigration policy. And although the standard of living there is relatively high, it has a high ex-pat community who are more than willing to pay that extra price for living with easy access to healthcare, beautiful scenery and great weather.
  • India: The standard of living may be relatively low, but India ranks rather highly when it comes to immigrant friendly nations. Many people who immigrate there are people who are fleeing from other, less enlightened countries in the region.
  • France: France currently has a population of 64,768,389, 6,684,842 of those peoples are immigrants from other nations. Many of these immigrants come from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, etc. Moreover, many people immigrate to France from several African nations. Lately, there have been some anti-immigrant sentiments expressed by right-wing factions there but these have eased up in recent months.mexico
  • Mexico: Ironically as immigration policies are getting more severe north of the border it is relatively easy to migrate in the other direction to Mexico. All you need is an FMM Visa – which lasts up to 6 months – and some living expenses. (By the way, the FMM Visa aka tourist visa, can be renewed multiple times.) You can apply for permanent residency via a Mexican Consulate abroad.
  • Panama: Immigration to Panama is relatively easy as long as you are emigrating from a “friendly nation.” Citizens from 50 countries qualify for Panama’s “Friendly Nations Program.”

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