Ways Immigrant Help Build the Economy

Ways Immigrant Help Build the Economy

One of the things that the Trump administration fails to consider is the long range economic impact that mass deportations and other policies meant to curtail both legal and illegal immigration will have on this country. In fact, many studies conclude that a number of industries as well as many states rely on immigrant labor to stay afloat and to succeed. How do immigrants strengthen the U.S. economy? Below is my top 4 list of ways immigrants help to grow the American economy.

  • Undocumented immigrants are paying taxes: If all undocumented immigrants were ejected from the country the result would be a huge loss in tax revenues. In fact, by some estimates undocumented immigrants pay an average of $11.64 billion in state and local taxes a year.
  • Immigrants are helping to sustain the Social Security Trust Fund: There has and continues to be a great deal of concern about the future of the Social Security program. According to the New York Times, immigrants have contributed upwards of $300 billion to the Social Security Trust Fund. Thus, without their contribution to this fund – which so many rely on in the country – it would quickly become insolvent. In fact, many believe the fund would simply shrivel up by 2037 without this influx of money.
  • Immigrants contribute to job creation: Contrary to the popular canard that immigrants take away American jobs, many do just the opposite. There has long been an entrepreneurial spirit among new arrivals and these new arrivals often start businesses that hire native-born Americans. Moreover, a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, concludes that the average immigrant-owned business hires 11 employees. This adds up to between 3.7 million and 5.2 million jobs being added to the economy.economy
  • Immigrants boost demand for local consumer goods: Immigrants have huge purchasing power. In fact, according to some estimates the purchasing power of Latino and Asian immigrants is anywhere between $775 billion and $1.5 trillion 2015.

Industries that Rely Heavily on Immigrants

Here a just a few of the industries that might simply collapse were it not for both documented and undocumented workers.

  • Agriculture: Indeed, immigrants make up 77% of agricultural workers in California alone.
  • Transportation (taxi driver and limo drivers)
  • Apparel
  • Construction
  • Housekeeping

In short undocumented immigrants make economic contributions to this country. They purchase goods and services, work, and live across the country. Policies that seek to remove immigrants en masse or that make it more difficult to immigrate to this country legally ignore this fact. As an immigration attorney in Ventura County, I know the potential contributions many undocumented persons make or desire to make to this country. I am attorney Erika Roman. If you wish to talk about your case, contact me and I will listen.

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