What is Asylum and How Does it Work?

What is Asylum and How Does it Work?

For more than two years, President Donald Trump has been as openly critical of asylum seekers as he has been toward regular migrants. This has been demonstrated in the blizzard of tweets he has sent on the subject each one doing a disservice to people who are legitimately in some form of jeopardy from their country of origin. Make no mistake about it – the president and his supporters do know that there is a distinction between the two classes of immigrants. Here are some facts about the asylum process, how it works and how one applies for it.

What Is Asylum?

Asylum is meant to serve as a way to provide humanitarian protection from those who may be under threat of some severe form of harassment, beatings, torture, unjust arrest or imprisonment, or other type of harm from their native country. Additionally, the grounds for an asylum claim can be several such as:




Political opinion, or

Membership in a particular social group.

The United Nations passed a declaration of human rights in 1948 that recognized asylum as a way for immigrants to escape persecution in their own country. Also, the U.S. participated in the UN’s Refugee Convention of 1951. This convention established the legal framework for protecting such persons. Since then, asylum seekers have been protected by laws that grant them admittance into member countries if they meet certain criteria.

How Can You Apply?

Whether or not someone is granted asylum can mean the difference between imprisonment and freedom or between life and death. It is therefore important for asylum seekers to know something about the asylum process. First, asylum seekers must seek asylum in a timely manner. They must do so within one year of entering the United States. (Asylum seekers may be granted an extension by the USCIS.) Next, asylum seekers should fill out USCIS Form I-589, and afterwards send it in by mail.

How Has Asylum Changed Under The Trump Administration?asylum

The Trump administration is in the process of making a deal with the Mexican government that would further weaken the U.S. asylum practice. This would force migrants to stay in their country of origin until a decision was reached on their asylum claim. More famously, Trump has spoken negatively about Syrian refugees and the efforts by other countries to provide them with shelter.

Why You Need an Attorney

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