What You Need to Know About the U.S. Citizenship Test

What You Need to Know About the U.S. Citizenship Test

Back in 2015, Actress Emily Blunt appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and cited the trouble she had taking the U.S. Citizenship Test. (Blunt – who is married to American actor John Krazinski – was born in Roehampton, England.) She described the test as being, “…the hardest test I ever had to take.” Ms. Blunt was referring to the second part of this test which quizzes each applicant’s knowledge of U.S. history and government. The first part of the test assesses and applicant’s ability to read, write and speak in the language. (Presumably, Ms. Blunt had no difficulty there.) Here is some information about the test that will hopefully prepare you.

The English Component

This first component of the exam consists of a speaking part, a reading part and writing part. It is not necessary to have a perfect command of the English language but it does require that you demonstrate a mastery of basic grammar and vocabulary. Immigration officers administer this test and it is essential that you ask for clarification when you do not understand something. For the reading portion of the exam you must read one sentence out of three in a manner that suggest to the USCIS administrator that you understand it. For the writing portion of the exam you must write one sentence, out of three sentences. This sentence must be understandable to the USCIS administrator. Finally, the USCIS administrator will ask you questions in English to determine if you understand him/her.

The Civics Component

The civics portion of the Citizenship Exam assesses your knowledge of American government and history. It consists of a list of 100 questions from which a USCIS officer will draw 10 questions. You must answer 6 correctly out of the 10 questions he/she will ask. This portion of the US Citizenship Exam is the part some immigrants have trouble with and the part that Ms. Blunt complains was difficult. However, there are many sites online that provide flash cards that you can study prior to taking the exam. Finally, if you do not pass at first, you will be allowed to retake the test. (You will be asked different questions.) You will be able to take the test about 60 to 90 days (two to three months) from the date of your first exam appointmentunited states

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